My Journey from Mindful to Conscious

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom 2021

May 1, 2021

Today marks the seventh day of my cross-country journey across America. This morning the sun is shining outside my camper van just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The birds are chirping, people are walking their dogs through the park where I spent the night. There are 4 kids ages 3 to 12 riding their bikes through a giant puddle again and again to “make it splash!” The same puddle I skirted returning from the laundry room. They’ve inspired me to walk through it on my way back.

This journey began in a variety of ways. Initially, I wanted to find a way to celebrate my nephew’s college graduation. He is the first of my maternal side of the family to earn a 4-year degree. We decided that an outdoor hiking adventure together would be perfect, and we set our sights on The Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia.

Then Covid happened. Flying was not an option for my comfort level and the borders are closed to Canada for general tourism.

Over the winter, a vision kept coming to me to rent a van and drive across country, which would also allow me to align the adventure with my work. Through the pandemic my business has thrived as people are awakening to the value of space and greater consciousness. In our work with business leaders and entrepreneurs, we teach the value of creating space to think and for self-care and awareness.

Our bodies and minds are craving stillness and silence. And our brains neurologically need these spaces to be at our best and to thrive. What if I gave myself space to unplug and observe as I drive west? What if I walked the talk?

In addition to sharing my own lessons in the coming weeks, I plan to share what I am learning as I interview leaders across the country with a focus on sharing voices of BIPOC leaders and community.

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in how business will serve humanity and I am serving in this transformation. We have much to learn from the voices and cultures we have suppressed in this country. It is time to listen, and to empower; to use business as a force for good. This shift will require awakened leaders, spiritual leaders, and love.

I invite you to join me.




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